My name is James Bergeron. I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics. This is my webpage for hosting some of my favorite projects/assignments.

WorkIt Android App

qrcode The most recent project I've been working on is called WorkIt. This was a fun personal project I decided to do in an attempt to get myself working out, and also because I wasn't happy with any of the free workout trackers currently in the Google Play store. WorkIt gave me a good opportunity to learn more about Android development.

Description: Hit the gym, build some muscle, and track all your workouts with WorkIt! The WorkIt gym workout tracker app for android provides a quick and easy to use solution for logging your workout exercises. It comes pre-loaded with over 150 different weight training and cardio exercises, complete with animations and descriptions. You also have the ability to create your own exercises to try out in the gym! Create your own workout routines by grouping together exercises, and track your progress as you lift! All your lifts are automatically logged as your work out and can be reviewed and edited at will! Statistics are also kept for each individual exercise! Features:
+ Over 150 Exercise animations and descriptions
+ Exercises ordered by target muscle group
+ Search function to find exercises
+ Create your own exercises
+ Keep track of weight and reps for each lift
+ Keep track of duration, calories burned, distance traveled for cardio exercises
+ Create your own workout routine
+ Add a description to your workout routine
+ Set days for specific workout routines
+ Calendar to view and edit workout logs
+ Graphs automatically keep track of max weight lifted and max reps
+ View statistics such as averages and maximums for each exercise
+ No special permissions required
+ Fast, Responsive and Easy to use so that you can workout in the gym without hassle!

Currently the app has over 2,000 downloads after being released for ~1 month! I've also recieved some feedback from users and plan on releasing a "Pro" version sometime in the future with enhancements. Some ideas I've received for future improvements include the ability to backup data to SD card, the ability to set input types for each exercise, and the ability to organize exercise positioning within your workouts.

You can see WorkIt on google play at . Or just scan the QR code to the left!

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